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Ocular Allergies

Doctor’s Allergy Formula


Allergies are extremely common with more than 60 million Americans having allergies and approximately 40% having ocular allergies.

Our office is proud to offer our patients a new proprietary FDA-approved diagnostic test specific for Ocular Allergies. Pain and shot free, this in-office test is fully reimbursable by insurance and the results are read after only 10 minutes.

Once we identify what you are allergic to we can then create a custom treatment protocol specific to your underlying allergies. 

Our test is regionalized specifically for us and our patients providing the most up-to-date technology.

Do you suffer from any of the following allergy related symptoms?

- Itchy Eyes

- Red/Bloodshot Eyes

- Watery Eyes

- Swollen Eyes

- Dark Circles under Eyes

- Congestion

- Runny Nose

- Itchy Skin

- Flaky/Red Skin

- Asthma

If YES, please contact us to schedule an appointment to for ocular allergy testing and Clearly See why Doctor’s Allergy Formula is the right choice for you.

And this test... is fully reimbursable by medical insurance plans.

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