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Manual Lid Expression

Manual Lid Expression Lake Forest IL Approximately 86% of dry eye patients actually make enough of the aqueous layer (watery) tears, but they don't have enough oil layer tears to suppress premature tear evaporation. In these patients, almost invariably, the meibomian glands, which reside in a layer at the tear margin, can be seen to be thick and distended with wax.

When we do our initial eye examination, we can manually express a few lower lid meibomian glands. Clear oils are normal. If we see waxy or thickened and cloudy oils, we recommend a week or so of daily heating of the lids for twenty minutes a day with special goggles. Patients return a week later with their goggles. The patient will then wear the heated goggles for twenty minutes in the office and we then immediately express the lids.

We have found that expression can be a little uncomfortable initially, but as the swollen glands are emptied, the lids are much less tender. Most of our patients get enough relief for at least three months so that they remain comfortable until their three month followup, at which time we can do a lid expression "touch up", usually without the need for goggle pre-treatment.

As the glands are less swollen because of our previous expression, the touch up usually does not cause much discomfort.

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