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How LASIK Works

LASIK Lake CountyLaser vision correction is now in its third decade of helping patients reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. As testimony to its life changing benefits, thousands of ophthalmologists and optometrists around the world have become so impressed with the results of laser vision correction that over one million procedures are now performed each year. At SureVision Eye Centers of Lake County our patients continuously tell us they appreciate our commitment to being on the cutting edge of this exciting technology.

Heavy patient demand for laser vision correction has inspired surgeons and laser manufacturers to make tremendous advancements in both Excimer laser technology and surgical technique. When laser vision correction was first performed in 1988, only low to moderately nearsighted patients without astigmatism could be treated. Today, with the second and third generation Excimer lasers, very low to moderately high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be effectively treated. And for many patients who were at risk for glare and halos because of large pupils, modern Custom Cornea laser vision correction may now allow them to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Only a few years ago these patients would not have been good candidates for laser vision treatment.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Laser vision correction can be done one with (Lasik) or without (PRK or Lasek) a corneal flap and with or without a custom measurement of the various higher order aberrations of the eye.

The corneal flap can be made with a mechanical microkeratome or with a laser (Intralase).

The custom measurement can be made with a dilated pupil or with an undilated pupil.

What we do

We prefer to use Custom Cornea Lasik measured through a dilated pupil, with a flap made by a laser.

Why we do it

We prefer lasik to surface ablation because the vision gets better sooner with less discomfort and fewer weeks on steroid drops. However, surface ablation (without a flap) is an excellent procedure that just takes a little longer to get excellent results.

We prefer Custom Cornea to standard ablation because the higher order aberrations are the cause of glare and haloes after lasik. With Custom Cornea, the higher order aberrations actually decrease after lasik, whereas with standard lasik, they get worse.

We prefer the Intralase laser to mechanical microkeratomes because the incidence and severity of surgical flap complications are much less with the laser. Also, the shape and thickness of the uncomplicated flap is much more accurately determined with the Intralase procedure.

Laser Vision Correction at SureVision of Lake County

All laser vision correction procedures are not the same. Because of our dedication to excellence, SureVision of Lake County is recognized as the premium eye care provider in the area. Dr. Fried is trained in a number of laser vision correction procedures and is ready to help you choose the option that's best for your individual vision problem, whether you're nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism. We've invested in the laser vision technology needed to provide you with the best possible outcome.


Q: “Are laser vision correction procedures covered by insurance?”

A: Although few policies cover Laser Vision Correction, we would be happy to check yours when you come in for a consult. We have found that the various labor unions seem to have the most generous refractive surgery benefits. Remember patient financing plans are available.

Q: “Is there any pain involved with Laser Vision Correction?”

A: Patients tell us they feel only slight discomfort, not pain during the procedure. After the procedure, most people report a slightly irritated eye for a few hours, like if you rubbed an eyelash in your eye. But pain is subjective, and when you learn more about the procedure you’ll form your own opinion of what to expect.

Q: “Are there any side effects with Laser Vision Correction?”

A: As with any type of surgery, side effects and complications can occur. All potential side effects and complications will be discussed further at the time of the Laser Vision Correction consultation.

Q: “Why not go to a discount Laser Vision Correction center?”

A: With laser vision correction, safety, outcomes, and patient satisfaction should be the deciding factor behind the center you choose, not cost.

Q: “Is Laser Vision Correction for everyone?”

A: Laser Vision Correction is not necessarily for everyone. The best way to determine your candidacy is with a proper screening and thorough evaluation.

Q: “I am very busy at work. What type of time commitment is needed to have Laser Vision Correction?”

A: This is a state-of-the-art procedure, which requires minimal time for the patient. The actual procedure lasts under 10 minutes per eye. Most patients can go back to work the very next day.

Q: I had laser vision correction with an older laser and my vision is not as good as I would like. Can it be fixed?”

A: Most patients can have an enhancement, even years later. Some may even be able to have an upgrade to improve their night vision with Custom Cornea.

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