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The Selecta® 7000 Glaucoma Laser System is specifically designed to perform Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), a treatment for open-angle glaucoma. SureVision Eye Centers of Lake County was the first practice in Lake County, Illinois to acquire this new technology for the benefit of our glaucoma patients. The Selecta® 7000 is about as effective as the standard argon laser that most practices (such as ours) have or have access to, but it has several key advantages. We invested in this laser despite already having an argon laser on site.

Glaucoma Lake County IL

Advantages of the Selecta® 7000 Glaucoma Laser System:

Both types of lasers lower intra-ocular pressure by using short pulses of low energy laser light, however the SLT technique is much less traumatic to the eye, and thus much more comfortable, than the argon laser used in the traditional ALT procedure because the Q-switch produces short pulses of low energy laser light.

  • SLT selectively targets pigmented cells, increasing fluid outflow.
  • SLT stimulates burns that scar trabecular meshwork.
  • The Selecta® 7000 uses a selective process that reduces intra-ocular pressure without destroying or scarring healthy cells.
  • SLT can be used to effectively treat some patients who could not benefit from ALT.
  • Unlike ALT, the SLT procedure can be repeated if intra-ocular pressure goes back up.
  • The SLT procedure can be used to re-treat patients whose previous ALT treatment has worn off.

The Selecta® 7000 Glaucoma Laser works by removing pigment from the drainage tissue of the eye, leaving a normal looking trabecular meshwork (above left). The argon laser ALT works by burning part of the trabecular meshwork, as you can see in the large hole on the left side of the electron microscope picture of trabecular meshwork on the upper right.

Glaucoma Center

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