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Accomodating Toric



  Crystal Lens Trulign


The Trulign IOL is a toric version of Crystalens; it is the first of its kind to provide both accommodation and astigmatism correction.


All IOLs for cataract surgery replace the eye's natural lens, which is removed during a procedure. But an accommodating IOL such as the Crystalens or the Trulign Toric shifts position with the action of eye muscles and movement to improve eyesight.

The Crystalens and Trulign belong to a select category of high tech intraocular lenses commonly called presbyopia-correcting or "premium" IOLs.

This type of cataract lens may be needed because, beginning at around middle-age, all people lose ability to see at multiple distances due to presbyopia. This condition develops when the eye's natural lens focusing system grows more rigid and no longer can move or change shape sufficiently enough to enable sight at all distances.

If you receive a standard monofocal IOL during your procedure instead of one that corrects presbyopia, you typically would have great distance vision but likely would need reading glasses to sharpen near vision.

Choose Crystalens Trulign and see more of your world, your way.

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